The, Birds And The Bees ' Analogy

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Sex is a very awkward subject to talk about especially for parents to their children, as it brings up thoughts and topics over raging hormones and actions. Ever since humans have evolved through time, sex has been imperative to survival by sharing various genetics, skills, and traits from both parties. Seems easy enough? Not necessarily. Even if parents do use the classic ‘birds and the bees’ analogy for discuss this scandalous subject, children are still curious about how it works and wish to explore it for themselves. During the Victorian era, women became more open with sexuality. Such misconceptions like masturbation stunting growth and making one crazy as well as uterine suction preventing rape were also developed as a result of the time period. However, despite their openness, this period also pushed women to be delicate and submissive towards their partner . This is the twenty-first century, however, things have changed since back then. Ever since the Victorian era, both men and women have grown immensely more comfortable with with their sexuality. However, this fact doesn’t mean that both parties are satisfied with what actually happens during a sexual intercourse. During 1960s, teen pregnancies boomed resulting from the “Baby Boom” that occurred after the second World War and the Cold War. However, it slowly decreased into the late 1990s. As a result, public schools have started teaching sex education as a part of health and physical education in order to control
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