The Birth And Evolution Of Ballet

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Debbie Harrop
Professor Cavazzi
Dance 64 - History of Dance
22 Aug 2014
The Evolution of Ballet
The birth and evolution of ballet is indeed a fascinating study. Since its early origins in fifteenth century Italian court, ballet has undergone a succession of changes and been influenced by gifted artists and choreographers alike, whose unique styles and innovative techniques left their indelible mark on the classic art form. Beginning with the Renaissance and continuing through the Romantic Era, ballet evolved as each political and social movement ushered in changes that impacted and shaped the dance, over time transforming it into the cherished art that it is today. Costumes, gender roles, themes, styles, audiences, and content are among the many features of ballet that were impacted throughout this time period, the end result being costumes, shoes and choreography that closely resemble those of contemporary ballet.
Perhaps the earliest notable patron of Renaissance ballet was sixteenth century Catherine de Medici, the wife of King Henry II. An Italian noblewoman by birth, Catherine used her position and influence as queen of France to inspire and promote an interest in court ballet. Her passion for the arts, coupled with her vision and ability to organize, resulted in lavish court events featuring spectacular ballet performances. One of her valets, Balthassar de Beaujoyeulx, himself a talented musician and choreographer, became instrumental in staging these ballets. He is
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