The Birth Mark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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The Birth-Mark was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the story follows of a scientist who is named Aylmer, and the scientist retires in the field of science for the search of marriage and love. When Aylmer finds a suitable wife that he would fancy for himself, the scientist notices that his wife had a birthmark on her face that represented a tiny hand print. This birthmark actually makes Aylmer becomes obsessive about the mark itself to the point of confronting Aylmer’s wife. Aylmer eventually convinces the woman about experimentation towards her face and the experiment works but the wife had succumbed towards a fatal side effect which was death. Ending the story with a dreadful lesson, “If you love your own, then you will accept their facial flaws and birthmarks with no pain or regret for they are everything to you even in death” The story itself was actually a realistic setting in the time that the main protagonist was in. Since the story could not pick a time, it actually gave the reader a form of date. It was a time from last century seeing how the scientist was now learning facial cream and dermatology against the form of birthmark. It struck me not only accord but actually offended that the husband was that much concern over a tiny speck which was the wife’s birthmark. The constant theme that was placed underlining of the protagonist was the foolishness of striving for perfection. An example is shown by the protagonist’s desire to get rid of the wife’s birthmark in
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