The Birth Narrative Of Jesus Christ

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As children many of us were told or taught the birth narrative of Jesus Christ. The story was much simpler, Mary the wife of Joseph was told by Gabriel the angel she was in favor of God because she had been faithful to him. Though Mary was a virgin God preformed a miracle and Mary bore a child. He was born in manger and surrounded by shepherds and wise men who brought gifts to their new savior. For most of us that is the story of Jesus’s birth and in the New Testament Matthew and Luke tell a similar story, but reading the text the audience can find some subtle and significant differences. In this paper I will discuss the implications of reading both Matthew and Luke. Conferring my research to what is presented within the New Testament I will argue that Matthew and Luke told the story that they had heard from oral tradition and this can prove that the basic facts of both gospels are mainly true but are changed through generations. To first understand my thesis, we must know the story of Matthew and Luke. To begin I will focus on the differences of Matthew and follow with Luke. 1:1-1:17 establishes the genealogy of Jesus1. Matthew follows his ancestry to Abraham, the father of Isaac2. He continues with the son Jacob the father of Judah and so on3. Matthew’s story also contains a set of main characters: Joseph, Mary, Wise men, and Herod the Great4, and a very well-known location, Bethlehem. As our childhood story was told Mary, the virgin, was blessed with a miracle. Joseph…

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