The Birth Of A Child

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Jennifer Freeman’s opinion After the birth of a child, it is the decision from the parents whether or not their child will be vaccinated. Jenn firmly believes that immunizations in children is a must. Being updated on shots is not only important for the children, it is for adults as well. A major immunization for adults that are around an infant is a booster, to aid in protection of the child contracting whooping cough. Without the adult being vaccinated they can easily spread any disease to an infant with an extremely weak immune system. Jenn finds that immunizing children on the other hand is crucial if the parent plans to send their child to a day care or where they are exposed to viral germs. Jenn says that if she were to have a child and decided not to vaccinate them she would not only put my child at risk but someone else’s in a matter if they also chose not to vaccinate. One child could become infected with a germ that could easily spread to another child that is not immune to the effects. If a child has the chicken pox they can easily spread it to another if that child has not already had the illness or the vaccination. It is also required to vaccinate children before they can begin school in the note of spreading unwanted illnesses from child to child. Even before Jenn was allowed to attend school she had to provide an immunization record to ensure she was up to date on all those required such as the meningitis vaccination. Her parents believe that immunizing her

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