The Birth Of Agnes Born

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It all began in Skopje, Macedonia in the year of 1910 when young Agnes was born. Agnes, now known as Mother Teresa, was the daughter of Drana and Nikola Bojaxhiu, two very religious people, who was raised to be a loving catholic to the poor. When Agnes’ father died, her mother became a dressmaker to sustain her family. She often took Agnes “on visits to the sick, the elderly, and the lonely,” (Felder 115) which really contributed to the person Agnes became. Her mother’s belief that “When you do good, do it unobtrusively, as if you were tossing a pebble into the sea,” (Felder 115) also contributed plenty to the person Agnes later became to be. Around her teenage years, she joined the Loreto order, a group of nuns who taught in Calcutta.…show more content…
She has helped those children whose parents once thought of aborting. The reason for this is that she believed that “the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion.” (Blaisdell 209) Mother Teresa was a woman who loved and cared deeply for the ones in need who had forgotten what it was to love and care for them. She spent most of her life helping the poor in both spirit and money. Because of her contributions to the world, Mother Teresa has been awarded with several awards including the well-known Nobel Peace Prize in 1971. The Nobel Peace Prize dates back to the death of Alfred Nobel who’s one wish was to award someone with a prize for the peace they’ve offered to the world. Alfred states in his will that the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses” (Nordlinger 22) will be worthy of the award. It is believed that receiving the award is one of the highest honors a person can receive in this life. Only those who truly have tried to make a beautiful difference in the world are worthy enough of this high honor. It is highly valuable because “it represents a summit of human achievement, and goodness,” says Jay Nordlinger, author of Peace, They Say. In 1971, Mother Teresa was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to the world and for her determination to make a difference with humility. Mother Teresa’s
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