The Birth Of Agnes Born

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It all began in Skopje, Macedonia in the year of 1910 when young Agnes was born. Agnes, now known as Mother Teresa, was the daughter of Drana and Nikola Bojaxhiu, two very religious people, who was raised to be a loving catholic to the poor. When Agnes’ father died, her mother became a dressmaker to sustain her family. She often took Agnes “on visits to the sick, the elderly, and the lonely,” (Felder 115) which really contributed to the person Agnes became. Her mother’s belief that “When you do good, do it unobtrusively, as if you were tossing a pebble into the sea,” (Felder 115) also contributed plenty to the person Agnes later became to be. Around her teenage years, she joined the Loreto order, a group of nuns who taught in Calcutta. She learned the English language in the Loreto Abbey in Dublin, Ireland and continued to study more of the language in the Loreto convent in Darjeeling. In the year of 1931, “Agnes took her first vows as a nun, choosing the name Teresa, after Saint Therese, the patron saint of missionaries.” (Felder 115) That is where it all began. Mother Teresa’s goal was to help as many of the needy as she possibly could. She was very saddened to see many of the poor living outside of the convent she worked in as the school’s principal. Throughout the years of helping the poor, Mother Teresa has accomplished to change many lives and to inspire many others around the world. Not only has she helped the needy, but she has helped children whose parents didn’t…
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