The Birth Of Birth Control

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Paris M. Lewis
English 101
Robin White
April 15, 2015
Are you interested in birth control are know someone who is? Are you stuck or know someone who is stuck in between which birth control to use? Well, being a woman myself I have found that using the birth control Implanon was the best birth control for me only because it is convenient, mess free, and it last for up to three years. People around the world have used birth control methods for thousands of years. These methods include things such as condoms, pills, shots, and many other things that have advanced though out the years. Today, the world has many safe and effective birth control methods available to us, however all birth controls do not work the same for everyone. Birth control which is also formally known as contraception or fertility control are methods or devices used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control methods have been used for many years dating back all the way to ancient times. In fact Egypt has some of the earliest documented birth controls. For example the women there would use honey, acacia leafs and also lent to stuff up their vaginas to block the male sperm from entering. This has mainly to do with the religious view of the women. The Roman Catholic Church only agrees with natural family planning however there are a number of Catholics whom accept and agree with modern birth control methods. Also according to Muhammad, who the Muslims believe to be the last and
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