The Birth Of Jesus 's Life

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26. The Birth of Jesus
Jesus’s birth into the human world was believed to be nothing short of a miracle. A holy baby blessed by God himself and was birthed from a pregnant mother who kept her virginity and never corrupting her purity for the sake of God. The mother who would bring Jesus into the living world is Mary and her soon-to-be husband Joseph. In preparation for this event, an angel appeared in his dream to calm his mind and to reassure that this pregnancy is a gift from God and that he shouldn’t be afraid to take Mary as his wife. And when Jesus was born, he would be proclaimed to be the savior of mankind from their sins. During this time would also be remembered as Christmas and on this day, to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Savior and god’s gift of his son to prove that he loves his creations enough to be determined to save them from sin.
27. The 12 Disciples
In the story of the 12 Disciples, Jesus’s closest friends were known as this group of people. Their names were Andrew who was once a disciple of John the Baptist, Bartholomew who was blessed by Jesus as a Jew without guile, James the Elder and James the Younger were sons of Zebedee, John who wrote the books of John and Revelation, Judas who would be known as the betrayer, Jude is the brother of James the Younger and the author of the book of Jude, Matthew the tax collector, Peter who would become the leader of the disciples after Jesus’s ascension into Heaven, Philip the missionary, Simon who was a zealot,…

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