The Birth Of Science And Its Existence

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The birth of science and its existence is something that everyone who is literate pounders about by far. Is it actually the way the scientist say it is? Or is it all trials and error that exist? It seems no one has the answer but yet everyone in a way goes back and refers to it, blame it, or use it as an excuse. Do we believe it or not that’s the true question. As far I’m concerned science is one of the biggest concept that lead our livelihoods, helps us civilize, and to say the least knowledgeable of the world we live in it that exists today. I agree with Jacob Bronowski because to become a scientist you need to be curious. This means you need to try different things before you get our invention right. Science as we know it has been there for the longest. It evolves in the world in every century, scientist invent something, cure something, or give theory about something. Scientists are also discover invention, find answers to theories, and their conclusions of what they believe in. From Albert Einstein who came up with the theory of revolution and also who opened doors to creating the atomic bomb. To some people today or better yet from the 20th century, whoever would look or perceive at Einstein would most likely think that Einstein is making up stuff, because of his shabby looks. He appears just ordinary until you read about his theories and inventions, and also if you are a scientist you would understand him. To Todays scientist like John Craig Venter who
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