The Birth Of The London Stock Exchange

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The Birth of the London Stock Exchange The exchange of publicly traded stocks that everyone is familiar with today was once just men trading with no rules or permanent work place. Today, people are able to go to online trading sites and buy a share in a company within five minutes. Many people wonder, where did the original practices begin, who created the rules, and how did it affect people? It is important to understand the origins of such a monumental time in our history. The London Stock Exchange created a quick start to the stock market. Without the creation of one of the world’s strongest influences on the world’s economy, it is hard to imagine where we would be today. There have been leaps and bound made in the history of the stock market. There are now stock markets in virtually every developed and most developing economies, with the world 's largest markets being in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, China, Canada, Germany (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), France, South Korea and the Netherlands. This is all thanks to the London Stock Exchange. The first of its kind, since then it has led to the creation of other stock exchanges. A stock exchange is a place to trade stocks. Some companies make the choice to participate in having their stock publicly traded; others remain private never having to pay out to stockholders. Some stocks are traded "over the counter", that is, through a dealer. A large company will usually have its stock listed on many exchanges
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