The Birth Of The Renaissance Era

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During the birth of the Renaissance era there were many prominent people to have come out of Florence. Some of the greatest poets, artists, orators, and statesmen to live were alive and flourishing during this time period and they all seem to share one common set of ideals that set them apart and distinguish them from others of this era. This set of common set of principles would come to be know as the “universal man”. A man that was truly from the time and was all about patriotism and love for his birthplace. They all seem to have a general set of common attributes about them and Buonaccorso Pitti is no different. There are three features of Pitt’s diary that demonstrate that he was in a fact a Renaissance man: The first being, his love for adventure and his financial ability to be successful, the next being his ability to converse with anyone of any social status, and the final, perhaps most important is his love and devotion for the Republic of Florence. So, the question at hand is, does Buonaccorso Pitti live up to the ideals and characteristics of the “ideal” Renaissance man? The answer is yes, and it can thoroughly be seen throughout his family diary. Starting with the very beginning of this record, Pitti strikes you as a very audacious individual, who likes nothing more than to travel around enjoying the company of the upper echelon in society and taking his chances by gambling with his money. Even when he appears to run out of currency of his own, he still somehow
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