The Birth Of The Stolen Generation

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The Stolen Generation was a period in which the Australian Government forcibly removed Aboriginal children from their homes. Children were then placed into institutions in a bid to completely rid of Indigenous Australians - this was a complete abandonment of their basic civil rights. The events that led to and occurred during this time period, affected children, families and their communities then, now and undoubtedly into the future.

Although sometimes thought otherwise, the Stolen Generations actually lasted for many decades, hence the plural, Generations. It is estimated that Indigenous Australian and half-caste children were taken from their families from as early as the late 1800s right up to as late as the 1970s. The children were removed with force with no consent from their families by the Australian federal and State and Territory Governments. Some even being removed by church missions and agencies. The children were then sent either to institutions or were adopted into white families to grow up as white cultured people, leaving their communities and traditions behind. A lot of the institutions and missions raised the children until they were old enough to work and they were then sent out to be farmhands. The Victorian Government established the right to remove any (Aboriginal) child in 1869, Queensland following in 1897 with the act passed giving the ‘Chief Protector’ the right to remove Aboriginals onto reserves and their children into dormitories. South
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