The Birth Right Program Essay example

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As a Jewish student there is a program available to go to Israel for a summer, if you have never been before and experience it first hand. It is called the “Birth Right Program.” The trip is free, the only thing you have to pay for is the round trip plane ticket and any souvenirs you may buy. While you are there with the other students just like yourself, you experience different places like the Wailing Wall and the city of Jerusalem, as well as different Israeli holidays including Shabbat every Friday night. I have contemplated going on the Birth Right trip for a few years now. To have the chance to experience first hand a culture that I really only know through stories and history books …show more content…
Their small ceremonies and everyday practices serve to reiterate and substantiate their beliefs and customs (Gibson). Israel has a very high standard of living. Many people in rural areas of Israel live in collective communities. Members of these communities share food and property. They also exchange labor for medical care (Davis). In the United States, “Individualism is the economic realm manifests itself in the belief that individuals, not communities in which they live, determine their own economical outcomes” (Davis). An individualist solution to poverty is not more government spending on welfare programs and charities, but greater individual effort by those on the bottom to improve their incomes. Individuals themselves deserve the credit and/or blame for their economic fortune or misfortune, while collectivists do not agree with this theory at all.

As the United States is very individualistic, it is also distinctively masculine, while Israel, once again found in the center of the scale is more feminine. The two characteristics go hang in hand. High masculinity believes in achievement and judging individuals on their performance, just as individualist cultures do. Feminine cultures believe more in life choices and equality between the sexes is normal. It is made clear that both feminine and masculine qualities
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