The Birth of Biotechnology

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The birthplace of Biotechnology is located in South San Francisco, CA, where Genentech was started in 1976. Biochemist Dr. Herbert Boyer and Robert A. Swanson were the founders of Genentech, and from 1995-2009 Arthur Levinson had become the CEO of Genentech; presently it is Ian T. Clark. Genentech is the leading biotechnology company that uses human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat people with serious life-threatening medical conditions (2014). Biotechnology is the technology based on the science of cellular and biomolecular processes. The processes develop technologies and products that help improve the lives of people and even affect the health of our environment. Biotechnology uses cellular and biomolecular processes by using molecular mechanisms by which genetic and metabolic processes occur in plant, animal, and microbial organisms. By using this technology, it provides breakthrough products and technologies to combat debilitating and rare diseases, reduce our environment footprint, feeding the hungry, uses less energy and cleaner energy, and has safer and cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. The many factors they are driven to prevent in our environment overall affects our human health. Genentech provides products in the areas of immunology, oncology, and disorders of tissue growth and repair. A familiar life-threatening disease is cancer. Whether it is melanoma, ovarian cancer, or
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