The Birth of Religions and Philosophies in the Ancient World

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The Birth of Religions and Philosophies in the Ancient World From the beginning of time, people all over the world have wondered where we come from, what our divine purpose in life is, and what we can expect after death. Questions about right and wrong, society and government, and nature and the cosmos, are some of the few wonders that ultimately created some of the earliest philosophies and religions, helping people find peace and explanation to the vast curiosity that still troubles us in modern times. From a technical standpoint, religion is defined as an everlasting devotion to a recognized higher being or entity, through a personal or formed practice of belief. Philosophy on the other hand, refers to the particular study of common…show more content…
The role of karma, which kept people in the constant cycle of death and rebirth, was a key factor that kept followers destined on the earth for eternities. The use of statutes and pictures to portray and give credit to leaders or teachers was commonly found in both religions. Giant statues of Buddha can be seen in many countries where the philosophy has spread, and temples covered in many different Hindu gods and goddesses where seen throughout the India continent. Meditation, compassion for all living things, and the belief in non-violence towards animals and humans were some similar exercises seem. From a different aspect, the vast variety of followers of these religions where generally accepting of the same kinds of people. Anyone could follow the teachings of Buddhism or the words of Hindu gods, as long as they devoted their lives and personal self to embodying its principles. This often included the rare atheists that were able to partake in both these practices. In addition, the mythical perception of nature was a strong similarity. Hindus and Buddhists treasured nature and all that it brought them, and did all in their power to keep the earth intact and untouched as when they were first brought into the world. Unlike other religions to follow, Hinduism was not spread much past India, where it originated. Buddhism however, was spread to other Asian countries. It reached China in the 4th century, following with Japan in the 6th century; the

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