The Birth of Venus Anaylsis Essay

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Ciera Callahan Art History II 10-20-13 Sfakianos The piece that I chose to write about is entitled The Birth of Venus and was painted by the French artist Nicolas Poussin. This painting was sold to Catherine the Great of Russia in 1771. It was sold another time by the Hermitage Museum in 1932 when the Soviet government was desperate for western currency. It was then that it was acquired for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The painting was made in Italy in either the year 1635 or 1636. The medium that Poussin used was oils on canvas, and the size of the painting is roughly around 38 by 42 inches. This painting is considered to be included the Baroque period. (Philadelphia Museum of Art) Along side of the painting on display is a…show more content…
A blue cloth is flowing in the wind behind him, sort of draping off of his back like a cape. Behind him are a man and a woman farther in the background. The man is standing in the water while the woman is sitting on what looks like a porpoise. On both sides of the center three women are two men with wreaths on on top of their heads, and they are blowing into what looks like horns. On the right side of the painting are three more figures. One is a woman sitting on top of a rock with a white cloth underneath her bottom. Her back is facing towards the viewer and she seems to be looking towards the man on the other shell. She holds a green cloth on the top of her head with her right arm while resting on her left arm for support.There is also a tipped vase in front of the rock that is spilling water into the ocean. To her right is a muscular man holding a woman on his back. Behind the two is an orange yellow cloth flowing in the wind. In the front of venus is an cherub angel laying on an orange yellow cloth with it's arms around the head of a sea creature. Above the pink cloth that Venus is holding up are six more cherub angels. Some are dropping flowers down on the congregation and some have their little bow and arrows out. There is a lot of clouds in the sky behind them. On the clouds to the left is a chariot being carried by doves with another angel in it. The women figures and the angels are pale

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