The Birthday I 'll Never Forget

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“ The Birthday I’ll Never Forget” I remember the time on my birthday when I thought I wasn’t going to have a great birthday. Which was no surprise to me because I was use to being disappointed on this day. But this time, I was hoping for change last thing I need is another depressing year. I didn’t want to ask for much because I’m in a different state which is in Virginia when all my friends and most my family are back at home in Tennessee. I just wanted it to be different this time, I just want to be happy on my birthday. So I start by waking up early which I was not use to doing every day because I’m not a morning person at all but today was a special day, so I ate some breakfast which was some oatmeal and a banana to start day right. I checked my phone to look see if I had notifications on Facebook seeing if people wish me happy birthday which they did and I was happy about that. The first thing on my list was to get my nails done I wanted to treat myself the way I deserve. Then, I went walking to clear my mind hoping things would be different this year. All I want was to have fun on my birthday. From what my aunt was telling me, she didn’t know if we weren 't able to celebrate my birthday because my little cousin just started middle school and all the money was going to her for school supplies, clothes , and lunch. Which made me pout, but understood because I know it’s important that my cousin has those things. So I try not to be selfish even though I really wanted to

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