`` The Birthmark `` And `` Rappaccini 's Daughter ``

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Hawthorne 's books are inspired and fascinate to read. They are full of science fiction and tail of fantasies. The female characters have to face many challenges in their lives due to their natures. The human morals and man ambition are clear in "The Birthmark" and "Rappaccini 's Daughter" on which the two stories are similar in away. The two stories appear to be similar because innocence characters have to suffer. The hiding meanings are deep within each character and in each story. The two stories maybe different; however, the moral behind the two stories are closely related. The female characters are pure at hearts and innocence just like nature. However, the male characters are like the devil that creeping upon what is natural and pure and destroy it. It is very clear to see that Hawthorne’s stories embrace the female characters and their beauties. On other hand, he reviews the males’ evil ambitions; they are only seeking for their own glories by using science in created and change nature. Indeed, without any doubt, each of the stories, the male characters caused their love ones to parish due to their evil ambitions. In both of the stories by Hawthorne, both female characters are automatically pure at heart and their beauties are an outstanding example of goddess. Interestingly, Beatrice and Georgiana are happening to be victims of scientific experiment by evil men. Both of these women became the test subject to their love ones and end up death in the end. These
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