The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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First Paper - The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne As human beings, we are NOT perfect! It is part of our nature to be flawed one way or another. But there are some who choose to believe the opposing view. The theme of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "The Birthmark" is how humans fight forcefully against Nature for perfection. It is those humans who, eventually, learn that Nature cannot be changed or revised. Aylmer was a famous scientist and philosopher who achieved great wonders. All his life, he has made remarkable discoveries and won numerous awards. His life revolved around two deep passions - the love for Nature [perfection] and the love for his wife, Georgiana [imperfection]. He believes the world is perfect, but…show more content…
Perfection vs. Imperfection! Aylmer's life is marked by two passions - the love for Nature [perfection] and the love of his wife Georgiana [imperfection]. His love for Nature stood for perfection because he tries to be more powerful than Nature. He challenges Nature and perfects everything. But his love for Georgiana stood for imperfection because of her "fatal mark". This mark prevents her from being perfect. In a sense, he is forced to choose one over the other. As much as he wishes to, he cannot choose both. Although his love for her is deep, he ignorantly chooses to change what Nature has given her. As a result, he pays for his consequences. His obsession over the beauty he wants caused him his wife's life. His wife dies because of his view of her "fatal birthmark" to be imperfect. Pretty vs. Ugly! There are two views of her "fatal birthmark". Some men wished it away but others are willing to cope with her "fatal birthmark". The quote [p. 307] "Some fastidious persons - but they were exclusively of her own sex - affirmed that the blood hand, as they chose to call it, quite destroyed the effect of Georgiana's beauty, and rendered her countenance even hideous" illustrates the effect of her "fatal birthmark". The "bloody hand" destroyed her beauty and makes her imperfect rather than perfect. It is very ugly to the point that it strongly hinders her beauty. In his eye, the mark took away

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