The Birthplace Of A Nation

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The Birthplace of a Nation Walking along an old dirt road that was once, in days gone by, a trade route used by Native Americans, my attention is drawn to a simple, little building in the middle of a peaceful field. I can hear the sweet mockingbird’s song, insects buzzing, the odd acorn falling from a tree and hitting the ground with a soft thud, and a gentle rustling of the leaves as the breeze blows through the magnolia trees. To imagine what took place here nearly two hundred years ago is truly a spectacular experience! Who would have thought that a cabin once designed to be a modest mercantile would be miraculously transformed into a symbol of freedom and an inspiration of courage? Rich in history, a symbol of the heritage of Texas, the birthplace of a nation—this is “Independence Hall.” Independence Hall is a humble, one-room, wooden cabin located at the Washington on the Brazos Historic Site in Texas. At first glance, this modest place may not appear significant, after all, it was designed to be a practical, little mercantile. But this place is so much more than a mercantile: it is a symbol of a heritage that belongs to all Texans today as well as to all lovers of freedom and truth. It was late fall in the year 1835 when unrest began brewing in the hearts of many Texans in what was then a part of Mexico. These Texans felt that Mexico had not kept her word regarding the individual rights of her citizens. With the Alamo being under attack by the Mexican army, and
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