The Bistro on Patrick Street in Waterford

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Executive summary: 2
Industry analysis 3
Type of business 5
Business objectives 6
Business goals: 6
Company Mission Statement 7
Swot Analysis: 7
Pest analysis: 8
Competitor analysis 8
Ownership Structure 9
Legal Ownership 9
Internal Management Team: 9
External Management Resources 10
HR Needs 11
Wages 11
Industry Laws and Regulations 13
Suppliers (prices, terms, conditions, perceived benefits, back plan 13
Quality Control Procedures 14
Day to Day Operations (production) 14
Physical Plant 14
Equipment 14
Assets 15
Special Requirements 15
Inventory 15
12 month forecast 17 profit and loss 18
Bibliography 19

Executive summary:
The premises I have chosen is unit is 47 The Bistro, Patrick Street, Waterford.
Rent is negotiable and I have yet to hear back from the advertiser but based on the other properties around the area and also taking into account the fact that the building is ready to go I estimate the yearly lease to cost €15000-25000k
I would like to apply for a loan to secure a rental agreement on this property with the intention to start up a novelty cake shop / bakery cafe named "The Bakery" .The reasons I chose this area of Waterford city are as follows,
It is a known location,
There is a lot of foot fall in the area,
The premises has all the equipment available without new purchase necessary,
It is in the centre of town.
This business plan will lay out every step involved in starting my business , my finances and my budgets and my ability to repay the loan.

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