The Black And Burgundy Made Me Essay

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I never thought that my nails were going to draw too much attention. I was enjoying how the nail polish looked on my hands, it was an exciting change. The combination of black and burgundy made me feel powerful, reckless, and confident because I was subverting and redefining social norms. I felt like a man, but the rest of society saw me differently. In our society nail polish is for women. Painting nails is a beauty practice that embraces femininity and womanhood. My nails cast an instantaneous label on myself. Many individuals questioned my sexuality and gender. It was like my masculinity was endangered by the colors of my nails and I was no longer considered a man anymore. “Why do you paint your nails?” “Are you gay?” “Is it a new trend?” “Wait, what is that on your nails?”, I was a threat to what society defines as a man, therefore people were desperate to define the purpose of my painted nails. The interference of sex and gender norms causes disruption to social order and people seem to be determine to redefine, correct or erase the variation. Every characteristic of an individual’s life is determined by their genitals. “Why is gender attribution so meaningful to social order and why does the inability to classify someone sex’s cause such a major disruption?” (Preves, 2004:13). Gender classification starts from birth, when a baby is identified as a boy or girl. The reveal of the child’s gender designates their future. Their social interactions, gender roles,
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