The Black And The White, The Rich And Poor, And Men And Women

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The black and the white, the rich and the poor, and men and women were terms that are commonly used to illustrate disparity of people. Race, class, and gender were used for special purposes in the United States from the American Revolution through the Civil War. They were not only used to limit the rights of some groups of people, but also to extend the benefits of others. African Americans, Native Americans, and the Chinese were some of the groups of people that best portray the inequality during this period of time. The usage of race, class, and gender had brutal effects on these groups, and it drove them to take many actions to overcome the inequality. By using race, gender, and social class issues, certain groups, who focused on the…show more content…
Thus, they had to do what God made them do, which was to lead the world and rule everybody. They had to fulfill their duties by expanding, possessing more land, and taking civilization to new territory. The Declaration of Independence seemed to be set up in order to secure life, liberty, and happiness of citizens, but that was not really what was believed. The Constitution was created by powerful white men to benefit themselves. All the power was in the rich white elites ' hands, while the other groups of people, such as the poor whites, African Americans, Native Americans and other immigrants, had almost absolutely no rights. The rich whites created the legislation and all policies. Many laws were passed to please and benefited the government and its parties. In addition, laws were passed one after another to deny the rights of those low class people. The poor whites, Native Americans, African Americans, and other immigrants were categorized as non-white, which made them unqualified to be a citizen. Moreover, those who were citizen could not vote if they did not own any property. Not being able to vote meant that they could not stand up and speak for their own. Thus, they were oppressed and exploited by the powerful groups: governments and its elites. The issues of slavery led to racism in the United States. In order to treat slaves like property, slave owners had to be racist. People who worked in the office for the government were all rich
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