The Black And White By Bill Cosby

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As a young multiracial girl, I remember watching the Cosby Show trying to understand the black community. I grew up with my white mother and siblings, so I had no real experiences with how blacks act in their own society. I only knew what little interaction I had at school and in my neighborhood, which is not much because I was a scared child. I did not go outside too often without my siblings, and for how I look, going outside with your white siblings and going outside alone are two very different experiences. (1) This article’s basic point was the realization of how American’s, both black and white, have ignored the crimes Bill Cosby has committed over the years simply because he made them feel good about themselves and their country. Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and rapping over a dozen women, and he constantly accuses the black community of causing their own dismay. In the Cosby Show, he gave no blame to whites for how they have mistreated blacks over the last five or six decades. He tried to say racist and prejudice people were no more, and it was up to blacks to fix their own problems. The author not only thinks this is absurd, but the author also cannot see how an entire country can be alright with what this man has done and continue to consider him “the best man” or “the greatest comedian that ever lived.” (2) I completely agree with this articles point. Bill Cosby is a menace, and he will never fully understand what blacks went through back then or what
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