The Black Belt Region Of Alabama

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One of the many problems that people in the United States face today is the problem of unemployment. Unfortunately, many Americans who are in desperate need of steady income just cannot find a reliable source of employment. In the United States, the rate of unemployment is currently 4.8 percent. Furthermore, in the state of Alabama, the unemployment rate in 5.9 percent. By looking at those statistics, it is easy to see that there definitely could be a direct correlation between high unemployment rates and rural areas. The Black Belt region of Alabama has some of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation. The region known as the Black Belt is in parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. Specifically in Alabama, the…show more content…
Additionally, there are many vacant buildings and lots in these towns where production facilities used to sit that could still be used and would not take away necessary farming land. Furthermore, incentives could be offered to the plants if they opened in these rural areas. Local government (not state or national, as that could cause even more issues) could provide small tax cuts to the business for opening in their town, such as a lowered taxes on the land on which they build their facility, or lowered tax rates on the water supply for the building. Because these towns will be receiving more income from sales tax as new people travel to the area, these small cuts will be minuscule in the eyes of the money that will be flowing in from the new jobs being formed. Luckily for these plants, in many rural areas, there are already abandoned buildings that could be bought and used for production. Additionally, these businesses will benefit by opening in small towns by having committed workers who live nearby and will be willing to work their hardest for the company. In recent times, many politicians have promised to bring jobs back to the United States. If these politicians stay true to their word, unemployment single caution light that hangs over the center of my town is a warning to those who are entering the town. It says, “Turn around; there absolutely is nothing here.” To help out these
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