The Black Body, America 's Captivation With The Dream

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I did not like reading your novel Between the World and Me because your harsh words and overwhelming logic left me with a bitter feeling about the world. I feel that your book did an excellent job of explaining what growing up black in America is like, however, I also felt that it was overly dour. I have experienced some of the things you detailed in your book: the vulnerabilities of the black body, America’s captivation with the Dream, but even so I feel I cannot help but feel as though you’re missing several key elements. I believe that the ideas in Between the World and Me:
I believe that black bodies possess an astounding amount of potential, however for some such latent potential will never be met due to the harshness of their environment and the vulnerabilities of their black body. This is a sad existence because even though Black Americans can control and nourish their bodies they do not have full possession. At any moment, their body can be taken away from them without reason. “I knew that these were theories, even in the mouths of black people, that justified the jails springing up around me, that argued for ghettos and projects, that viewed the destruction of the black body as incidental to the preservation of order” (84). Black bodies are in a sense given as a sacrifice to dream like oxygen to an inferno. The black individuals that you describe within this quote do not care about such sacrifices because they have yet realized that they too can become a sacrifice…
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