The Black Boy - Original Writing

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My brother was raised just like any other teenage boy. He grew up somewhat in church. He got saved when he was young and became a member of your typical Baptist church. He had the blondest hair on a boy that I had ever seen, as well as some of the bluest eyes. His voice had a combination of accents. It was country of course, but it also had a more “ghetto” sound to it. He dressed almost the same as he spoke; Southern with a touch of contemporary. He always had a hat on backwards. Lance absolutely loved to be outside. That is probably the reason he had a job as a landscaper. He had to climb to the tops of trees and cut the branches. It was something that was dangerous, but he loved doing it, so it was worth it. He was very loving with my…show more content…
But then I saw the tear soaked eyes and lumpy throats and suddenly my tone of voice instantly changed from comedian to concerned. When I entered the affliction filled room, I was not prepared for the news that I was destined to hear. Considering my dad was 6’9 and weighed a good 250 pounds, I was in complete awe to see that he had come even close to crying; much less bawling. It was just all a complete shock. Hearing the words “Your brother is dead” was almost like hearing that your favorite dog got ran over. Well, maybe a combination of that and losing your best friend rolled all into one. Or maybe, just maybe, it was a whole lot worse. All that I know is that when he died, a part of me died as well. I remember wanting to know every detail. My parents were not aware of what exactly happened right away, but as they discovered new information, they made sure to inform me. My brother and his friend were traveling from Little Rock to Texarkana. They wanted to be there for my older sister’s birthday. He and his friend left late at night so that they could get there before morning. My brother, Lance, was riding passenger while his friend was driving. Out of negligence, they had been drinking, not thinking about what could happen. Why they decided to drink and drive- I have no idea. When they started getting close to Texarkana, the driver started falling asleep. When he was fully awake, he startlingly realized that he and my
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