The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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Humans are equipped with the most labyrinth work of art known as the mind. Each human being has their own byways that are understood in unique patterns of complexities. The mind merely acts in the behavior experienced by engrossing into a person 's particular habits, making them an diverse individual. Nowadays, the world has come to understand these particular patterns through Psychological studies. In order to comprehend that each mind comes with its own unprecedented code, a person has to just observe. An example of these observation and hands on applications would be Edgar Allan Poe, a writer and a poet, whom would be absolutely intrigued in these behaviors. His unique interpretation of the human mind could be seen in “The Black Cat.” In this short story Edgar Allan Poe embeds himself as the protagonist who are mere victims of the complexities of the mind known as revenge, anger, and perversity. “The Black Cat” shows the vital side effects of the mind recognized as revenge, anger, and perversity. This is witnessed at the very start of the short story where his superstition empowers his actions when he compares his black cat to a witch in disguise. Not only does his wife and himself believe this, but they also chose to call the cat Pluto. According to Greek Mythology, Pluto, whose greek name was Hades, was the G-d of the underworld who ruled over everything that was dark (Gill). He completely carried out his supposition when he looks at the black cat and compared its

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