The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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A man who has abused his pets and killed his wife is sentenced to death, but were these transgressions made in the clarity of mind or was it an act of madness? In the short story THE BLACK CAT by Edgar Allan Poe, we follow the ramblings of a man who is sentence to death on the very next day for his act of murder. Do not take his ramblings to heart as he is an unreliable man but see for it what it really is. The beginning of the story starts out in a jail cell where the narrator is hours away from his death. He says that he wants to recount the events that placed him in this predicament. Since the day he was born, he has been noted for the docility and humanity of his disposition and these qualities flourished as he grew older. He marries a woman who shares his likeness of animals, and they have adopted abundance of pets. His favorite was a black cat named Pluto. The narrator starts drinking and his personality traits change to a detestable person. He begins to abuse his wife and pets verbally and physically. One night while intoxicated, he believes the cat is ignoring him so he grabs it by the throat. Frightened the cat bit his hand, which angered the narrator so he took a pen knife and cut out one of its eyes. A few days later, he is overcome by a guilt and perverse impulse to hang the cat from a tree in the garden even though he knew it was wrong. That same night his house caught on fire and he lost everything. The next day he returns to the burned down house and sees a…

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