The Black Codes Of Mississippi

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In 1865, the United States government implemented what was known as Reconstruction. Its’ purpose was to remove slavery from the south, and give African-American’s the freedom in which they deserved. However, the freedom that they deserved was not the freedom that they received. With documents like The Black Codes restricting them from numerous privileges that white people had and the terroristic organization known as the Klu Klux Klan attacking and killing them, African-American’s were still being oppressed by their government as well as their fellow man. Slavery may have been abolished, but African-American’s were not yet given the freedom and rights that their white counterparts took for granted.
The state of Mississippi, as well as many other southern states, created what was known as The Black Codes. The Black Codes of Mississippi were essentially put in place to keep African-American’s living in Mississippi from being able to live their lives as white men and women could during the time of Reconstruction. Different codes were enforced in different states, but they were all based around the same idea that African-American’s should have to follow a different set of rules and regulations than whites due to the simple fact that they were black. One of these codes even violated the Second Amendment. In section one under the Penal Laws of Mississippi category it is clearly stated that no freedman, unless employed by the United States military or properly licensed by a board
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