The Black Dahlia Killer And Murder Case

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“In January 1947,the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short shocked America. Another factor complicating the case was the obsession developed by men with the Black Dahlia in death-as many as been obsessed with her life” (Finis Brown 3). The Black Dahlia killer and murder case is a monstrous and heinous topic because of the wicked things that were done to her. The Black Dahlia case was distinctive for Elizabeth’s upbringing and before she was murdered,what the crime was and what happened to her, and how cunning and scheming the criminal was to never be caught. Elizabeth Short was born in Hyde Park,Boston MA on July 29,1924, moving at an early age to Medford in Boston. She was reported as a kind,romantic,compromising girl who dreamed of…show more content…
That summer she found her father. He allowed her to move in but the relationship was awkward. He did not approve of her attraction with men and her lazy and messy ways. After she got arrested at a bar, she was sent home to Medford. But she still had a goal to go to Hollywood and become a famous actress (John 3). When she could not pay her share of the rent of her apartment,she went to live with a woman named Dorothy French that was very sympathetic for her. Elizabeth lived with the Frenches without working or contributing in her stay until she was offered a ride back to L.A. by a salesman named Robert Manley who became a big suspect in the murder. The next day he dropped her off at the Biltmore Hotel,where she was meeting her sister (John 4). Elizabeth Short was murdered on 15 January 1947 (Wilkes 3). This shocked America. Betty Bersinger was out for a walk with her daughter when she thought she saw a broken mannequin from a store laying on the ground. When she got closer she realized it was the body of a woman. The woman’s naked body was found on a piece of land in L.A. The lower torso was slanted upward,making police believe she was in a fowler position at the time of death. The body was cut in half at the waist and was bruised and beaten. The detached sections were put in a line,about ten inches apart. There were deep slashes from both sides of her mouth as though the killer made a deformed stretch of her smile.

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