The Black Dahlia Essay

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Scott Paden Monica Lott Eng 11011 October 23, 2008 The Black Dahlia The 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short has remained one of Hollywood’s most notorious unsolved cases in Los Angeles history. The cold case has been passed down from detective to detective searching answers or any clues to help put the case to rest. The Black Dahlia was actually Elizabeth Short: a young, aspiring actress from a small town in Massachusetts. Elizabeth or Beth, as known by many, was born July 29, 1924 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. (Beth Short). Elizabeth was the daughter of Cleo and Phoebe Short. (Beth Short). In 1929, Beth’s father Cleo disappeared, and his truck was found near a bridge, convincing people that he had committed suicide. (Beth…show more content…
(Beth Short). All these people were just looking for a quick road to fame. The likely suspect was 25 year old Robert Manley, but his alibi checked out and he passed a polygraph test, so it couldn’t have been him. (TruTv). For awhile there were theories and speculation that the murder was related to the infamous Cleveland Torso Murders, but to me that was just too much distance away from The Black Dahlia case and it couldn’t have been the same person. (Exquisite Corpse). There also was another weak theory that William Heirens murdered Beth Short. Heirens was a convicted murderer already for the dismembering of 6 year old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago, Illinois. (Beth Short). Many people believe that because Elizabeth Short was found just blocks away from a Degnan Boulevard that it has some relation, but that theory is just nonsense and way too farfetched to me. Another theory of who killed Elizabeth Short is that George Hodel killed Short. Hodel is a surgeon, so he was very capable of performing the surgeon-like dismemberment of the body. (Beth Short). In 1949, Hodel was tried for the molestation of his own daughter, but was later acquitted of the charges. (Beth Short). This shows that George Hodel was not a normal person and was disturbed in the head. The real evidence comes from former LAPD detective and son of George Hodel; Steve Hodel. His son Steve says that he has found pictures with Beth Short, and that he has heard
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