Essay on The Black Dahlia: The Life of Elizabeth Short

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A woman taking a peaceful morning stroll in central Los Angeles with her three year-old daughter, came across what she thought was a mannequin broken in half. But as she got closer to the figure laying in the dirt face up, she realized that it wasn’t a broken mannequin, it was something far worse. It was a woman’s naked body, cut in half. Her hair was tattered, she had gashes cut into the corner of her mouth and her intestines were tucked into her buttocks. It was a very macabre scene. When the two detectives assigned to the case, Harry Hansen and Finnis Brown, arrived on the scene they lifted the woman’s fingerprints and sent them into the FBI headquarters. A match was quickly found. The dead woman lying in the vacant lot was Elizabeth…show more content…
Their ideas were always clashing of how things should be. He wanted her to be the woman of the house and cook and clean for him but she refused. She was a wild-child that didn't want to be tied down. Other than the conflicts going on between her and her father, this time period was very idyllic time in her life. She worked in a mailroom at Camp Cooke, an air force base just north of Los Angeles. All day she was surrounded by lonely soldiers that lusted over her. All of the attention she was receiving only fed into Elizabeth’s desire to be an actress. That all diminished a few months later, when she was arrested for underage drinking and sent back home to Massachusetts. Over the course of the next couple years she traveled between big cities. She waitressed to get money and travel. It all fed her appetite for meeting new people and seeing new places. She wanted all that life could offer. She often visited nightclubs and loved all the attention she got from the thirsty men. Out of all of the men, one of them stood out to Elizabeth, Major Matt Gordon. He asked her to marry him before flying out to war. On August 14, 1945 the Japanese surrendered and Matt could finally come home. Soon thereafter, Elizabeth received a letter stating that Matt had died on the way home from combat. Elizabeth was heartbroken for months but once the Massachusetts air became frigid, she moved to Miami. In Miami, Elizabeth flaunted around. She was trying to fill in the void in her heart. Men would

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