The Black Death And Its Effect On Society

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Death. It is a part of nature. Everything that has ever lived will at one point in time die. Yet how a person dies can be felt as a punishment and in the late 1300’s and early 1400’s the Black Death was a common disease that began to feel like that punishment. During this time, the dead littered the streets. Cattle and livestock roamed the country unattended. Brother deserted brother. Mother deserted child. The streets and cities were in total disarray. The Black Plague was not very easy to live with and even worse to die from, which is saying that the people who caught it lived long enough to experience its full effect. People during this time period said that the disease was a punishment brought to them by God. Many inhabitants started to doubt God and said that they were not good enough for His love. The impact of the Black Death significantly impacted people’s religious convictions as well as their daily lives. The Black Death is said to have started near the Black Sea which is now southern Ukraine (Giblin 11). As people started to catch the disease, suffer, and die from it, the people of the city began to become frustrated. They were convinced that someone or something had to be bringing this plague upon them. Their answer - the Italian traders (Giblin 12). “Although many of the traders had lived in the region for years, they were still thought of as being different” (Giblin 12). It is very easy to blame outsiders or people who are different and use them as a
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