The Black Death “Bubonic Plague” Was Not Picky When Choosing

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The Black Death “bubonic plague” was not picky when choosing its victims during the medieval times and thrived in heavily populated areas. The symptoms of the Black death were, “boils the size of eggs in their groins and armpits, black blotches on their skin, foul odors, and severe pain” (The Earth and its People pg. 309). The sudden occurrence of the Black Death is still not fully known, but “The origins of the Black Death can be traced back to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia in the 1320s.” ( Geoffrey), by fleas, mosquitoes, and rats transferring the Yersinia pestis bacteria. The plague had major effects on trade, the economy, social status, and the religion of Europe and China. However, out of all the bad things about the Black Death, good…show more content…
“Even if medieval doctors had understood its source, eliminating the rats and fleas that thrived on urban refuse would have been difficult” (The Earth and Its People pg 309). After the death toll started growing rapidly ports started closing and countries started closing their borders, which led to people not receiving things they needed and halting trade along the Silk Road and other trade routes. With the plague running wild in Europe and showing no mercy, people would pack up all they had and move out of the city, leaving farm lands unattended; which led to a shortage of workers. Nobility blood lines were ending with whole families being wiped out. The Black Death was not only affecting human lives, but also the farm animals which in turn increased the labor workers had to bear. Lords were losing serfs and those that were willing to work demanded an increase in wages; “This demand for peasants gave the under classes the ability to demand better compensation for their work. Laborers would now begin to fight for their rights by bargaining with the kings and dukes over their working conditions.” (Gottfried). With workers receiving higher wages, inflation started to sit in on Europe’s economy; as the plague was killing more and more people there was a surplus of agricultural goods which drove the price down. With some middle-class lords not generating any revenue on their land anymore, they had to

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