The Black Death, Dulce N. Parra

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The Black Death
Dulce N. Parra
Period 3 Through the years of 1347 and 1350, a terrible plague took over Europe. In those three years, the plague killed approximately 25 million people or one-third of Europe’s population. Not one family did not lose a family member to the plague. About one hundred people died daily, and mostly of them were never buried in a proper manner. Their bodies scattered the street of the city unclaimed. This plague was the Black Death, the most deadly natural disaster in the history of Europe. The loss of life was tremendous, and the damage was immense. Across Europe, the Black Death appeared and disrupted people daily routine. The Black Death shattered the people of the Middle Ages ways of life. It demolished the economy and as well of traditional beliefs. There was no returning to the ways of Middle Age life that has been for the past five hundred years. The Black Death brought an end to the Middle Ages. On October 1347, twelve Genoese merchants’ ships arrived at the Sicily port of Messina, after returning from a long expedition at the Black Sea. The people, who waited on the shore to welcome the ships, were met with a disturbing bombshell, which would change the lives of the people of Messina and Europe forever. The citizens notice something strange before the ships even docked. Usually, each ship has about a crew of forty men; citizens on the shore could see only few sailors on. When the ships finally stopped at Messina, local

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