The Black Death

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Megan Alderson IDS – Final Dr. Lynn Raley Date The Black Death Considered one of the worst natural disasters in world history, the Black Death came through Europe in 1347 A.D. It ravaged cities and town, causing a death to the masses, and no one was considered safe. The Plague is any epidemic scourge or calamity for which remedies are difficult to find, and according to the encyclopedia, plague is a common term for a disease of rodents that occasionally cause severe human infection. Named for the black spots that appeared on the victims' skin, the original disease originated from Oriental Rat Fleas and black rats. It first infected Mongol armies and traders in Asia, and then began moving west with them as they traveled.…show more content…
The shortage of laborers drove wages up and drained the feudal estates of their workers; millions of whom sought a better living in the cities once the plague had passed. The independent feudal lords who vied with the kings for influence and power seemed to weaken due to the plague. Also, the death helped bring about a centralization of power in the hands of the monarchs. With the population of cultivators in sharp decline, crop fields were replaced by new pastures for herds of sheep and cows. Before the Black Death, dissections of bodies were strictly forbidden by the church. Afterwards, these strictures loosened and doctors made a closer study of the human body, which lead to a basic understanding of anatomy and the function of organs. Universities in Western Europe began to establish faculties of medicine devoted to the causes, prevention, and treatment of diseases. After the plague, Europe lost million and millions of productive laborers. Crops were not planted nor harvested, while miles upon miles of farmland returned to its natural state. Rural peasants were let go from their bonds and freed from the land, joining craft guilds and being hired for their skills to whoever offered any amount of money for their services. The feudal system weakened the dominance of

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