The Black Death

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The Middle Ages were a dark time, education became unimportant and people were forced to live in houses close together and, consequently, hygiene was atrocious and it made the perfect place for Yersinia Pestis to thrive. Yersinia Pestis is the virus responsible for the Black Death, a deadly disease that rapidly powered through Europe, killing nearly all of the people in its way. The Black Death had a lot of gruesome and scary symptoms that made bystanders sick just watching. Certain people were more likely to acquire the Black Death than others. Since peasants had worse living conditions than the nobility, they were far more likely to catch the Plague. The history of the Plague and its track is surprising to a lot of people and when they realize just how many people the Plague actually killed, they will fully understand how scary it was for the people who didn 't have the disease that there was a chance they could become sick too. Its symptoms, who is most likely to acquire the Black Death, and it 's history are just a few of the reasons that make the Black Death a scary disease. The Black Death is a really scary disease that had a lot of gruesome symptoms. People who fell victim to the Black Death had a fifty/fifty chance of surviving and were put through several weeks of high fevers and welts all over their bodies (The Black Death 4). When people first began to become sick from the Black Death, it starts off running a high fever after a while, people would begin to

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