Essay about The Black Death

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The Black Death

The Black Death was undoubtedly one of the most devastating diseases that occurred during the middle ages. The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, was a world-wide epidemic that caused the death of more than 20 million people throughout Europe (Velenzdas). The people of this time period were clueless as to the cause of the plague, but were well aware of the tell-tale symptoms that accompanied infection. There were many "cures" for the outbreaks, however it is known that only a small percentage proved successful. Although the Black Death is deemed by many to be the most devastating pandemic in history, some consider it to have ultimately led to the Renaissance by starting
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It is from these lesions that the name, Bubonic Plague, was derived from. In addition to the buboes, there was also much diarrhea and vomiting, which resulted in severe dehydration. The final stage, which often resulted in death, was respiratory failure (Cantor 12). It was known that infected humans would suffer a near 90 percent death rate in less than one week following exposure (Velenzdas).

The people of medieval Europe used seemingly ridiculous cures in attempts to rectify the many symptoms of the plague. Many people sought the advice of "witches" and herbalists to cure a family member of the illness. Very few of these remedies proved to be successful, such as controlling the flea population in human dwellings, and many were often fatal. One extremely interesting thing to note is that bathing, a practice which may have helped prevent spread of the plague, was deemed dangerous by doctors during that time period due to the fact it was believed it made it easier for one to be infected by the plague (Cantor 23).

One shocking "cure" for the plague was placing objects such as a frog or a pigeon without its tail feathers, on top of the sores. It was expected that in doing this, the poisons in the body would be transferred to the animal, which would then die

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