The Black Death In Western Europe During The High Middle Ages

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The black death came from China through communication of trade in The High Middle ages. Due to Western Europe's lack of education and hygiene, the black death spread quickly and was almost always fatal. For many, the Black Death affected them directly, but even survivors and future generation’s lives were changed forever. During the high middle ages in western Europe the black death changed the church’s power & relationship with its followers, the importance of the manor system and people’s expression through art. The black death challenged christians to question their beliefs because of the church's lack of protection and control over the situation, which overall lead to a decline in the church’s political power. Christianity had previously…show more content…
Before the black death, art was focused on religion, but with the black death, grief, confusion, anger and sadness were consistently in art to show the emotions of people at the time. “14th century...was characterized by paintings that reflects a renewed religious conversation which stressed hierarchical, spiritual, supernatural and judgmental representation… ”. New art was focused around the confusion of current events in order to process them. It was no longer strictly educational or religious, it began to become a form of self expression which empowered the people. Art changed while the people's thoughts changed, it began to document the thought process of people during the high middle ages. Due to the Black Death, the high middle ages of western Europe were changed through the church's power, importance on the feudal system and critical art. The church lost respect and power because they couldn't explain or protect their followers from the black death. Art changed from (almost) strictly religious, positive art to critical thinking and melancholy portrayed in
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