The Black Death : Introduction

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Chad Hrivnak
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5 April 2015
The Black Death Introduction The Black Death was a plague that originated in China in 1334 (Chase). The plague eventually spread through trade routes where it found its way into Europe. When it reached Europe it spread like wildfire and ended up killing approximately sixty percent of the population there. With the amount of havoc and people dieing it led to great change all throughout Europe. This could be both a positive and negative for the future to come. When lots of people died from the plague it allowed for many jobs to be needed. This allowed for social mobility where the lower class could have higher class jobs. During this time people didn’t know how to properly treat the plague. They thought that god was the cause of this and people would pray to be cured of the plague. When peoples prayers weren 't answered they began to lose faith in the church which led to many other religions being strengthened. The last big change was medicine being revolutionized. People began to research how diseases were truly spread which eventually will lead to modern medical techniques. The Black Death was overall a very positive event for Europe despite how many people died from the plague.

Background Information
The Black Death first appeared in Europe in 767 CE. It first came to Europe in trading ships from Asia. It was spread through the fleas that lived on black rats. The fleas would then bite humans and give…

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