The Black Death Of Europe

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This paper compromises research found regarding the history of the Black Death in Europe. It incorporates the beginning of the plague, the way that it spread, and the toll it took on Europe’s population. It answers questions concerning the context of my topic, the importance of subject at hand, as well as the affects it had on the society during and after this tragedy. Concluding this paper answers the final question of why people should know about this subject in the first place.
The Black Death was single handedly one of the worst epidemics to hit the world. Although its reign of death hit many other continents it’s seemingly most devastating effects hit Europe the hardest. While arriving to the continent around 1347; the disease would kill roughly “30-50 percent” of its population (DeWittle, 2014) in only five years. The Black Plague would last 1347-1351 and in those five short years would bring Europe to what would seem to be a halt.
To understand about the Black Death and why it killed so much of the population is to understand the origin of the disease. Researchers have often began by acknowledging that this disease comes from Yersinia pestis a bacteria found among rats, in particular rats that live closely to the human population (Benedictow, 2004). It begins as an infection in the rats which would kill of their population and the fleas from those dead rats would find a new host on humans, infecting them from a bite. The deadly disease then infects a lymph node…
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