The Black Death Of The Plague

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Short History: Among one of the worst disastrous epidemics to ever have crawled across the globe was called the Black Death. The first known case of The Plague was reported in China in 224 B.C. although this is not the period in time when it would become its most dangerous. It is believed that because China was such an important trade center at the time, diseased animals and their infected fleas were unknowingly transported along with goods via The Silk Road to Western Europe and Asia. Centuries later, the Black Plague would rear its head and swallow nearly half of the world’s population, estimated at 40%, in a 5 year period. In Europe as The Plague swept its malevolent hand across the lands, 25 million people fell victim to this terrible disease. Believed to have begun in Asia from the fleas of rats, it hit Sicily in 1347 and spread throughout the Mediterranean Region, eventually hitting London in 1348, followed by Scandinavia and Russia quickly after. 6 Because the carriers of this bacterium tend to become dormant throughout the winter, each spring there would be a new flair in transmission, causing rising waves of panic throughout the land. However, when one talks about The Plague, there are actually different ways that the diseases that they are referencing, each with its own mode of transmission, list of symptoms, and plethora of treatments, both magic and medicinal, may manifest itself within humans. Types of Plague, Symptoms and Results: While all manifestations

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