The Black Death

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THE BLACK DEATH! What Is The Black Death? The Black Death is a disease that went on for over 5 years. It also spread around a wide range of places! It killled and harmed thousands upon thousands of people and had no mercy. If you were to sadly catch the Black Death, you would DEFINITELY die and there was many cures and causes however none of the causes actually worked also all of causes were thought to be a punishment from God. Once you knew you had the Black Death, you were abliged to hang a red cross on the front of your door. This was to warn un-infected peasants to stay away unless they wanted to catch it. So far I think that the Black Death was a disaster. This is because there was no proven working…show more content…
This meant the plauge could not spread. The only time a human being was to go to Scotland would be to deliver food or essential items. I still think that the Black Death was a disaster as no boby new how the desiease was spreading and what would be the lucky place to either not have it at all or to not be re-visited by it! Cures Cures And And Causes Causes Causes…. Bad air. Some people believed that the Black Death was spread by in-hailing bad fumes. Intimacy. A lot of peasants had big families, they all hugged and kissed one another not knowing if they or the other person had the desiease. Wickedness, people believed that god was punishing them so to stop the irony, they whipped themselves. This way the died painfully yet quickly, whereas with the Black Death, you dies painfully yet slowly! Cures… Take A Live Frog And Put It On Your Sores. One of the cures was this, you would place a life frog on your buboes, this was meant to take the posion out and risk the percentage of the Black Death killing you. This cure wouldn’t work however the peseants didn’t know that as they had no science and technoliogy! This showas that the Black Death was still a disasster however some may disagree as it hos now inproven our views of science and technoliogy. The Impact Of The Black Death!

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