The Black Death Essay

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The Black Death took place in Europe during the fourteenth century. To the people of the time, facts about the disease were unknown until people started to notice problems that other people were having. The Black Death or “plague” that killed thousands in the fourteenth century may have evolved into a more modern version of itself. The “plague” is known as the “Yersinia pestis” bacteria, which is a rare zoonotic disease. These diseases are spread from animal to human (Newquist 239, Adamloakun M.D. 718). The bacterium lives in rodents such as rats and is carried by fleas (Newquist 238). When the fleas bite humans, the bacterium spreads. There are three types of the plague, which include the bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic plagues…show more content…
To attack its host, the bacterium needs multiple bacteria to disable victim’s cells so it can reproduce. It attacks the cells because it cannot survive outside of a host organism (Plague p7). The lethality of the disease is high but it can be treated if it is noticed before the symptoms become deadly (Newquist 240). Reasons for the Black Death spreading faster, farther, and with more deadly consequences than today’s plagues are varied because of what went on during medieval times. Now, the plagues affect only two thousand people per year and respond to antibiotics. Because of this data, people believe that the plague was either a more powerful “Yersinia pestis” or a completely different disease such as hemorrhagic fever (Cohen p4). In medieval times, the bacteria spread because of such poor health conditions (Ibeji p7). To keep away from the disease, doctors refused to see patients, priests refused to perform last rights, and shopkeepers closed stores and fled their homes Facts & Summary p5). When it came to escaping, it could not be done because the disease was everywhere. People were so desperate to save themselves, they left loved ones to die alone (p5). Because of the medical treatment and technology people had during the Middle Ages, doctors had no clue on how to fight off the disease (Ibeji p7). Everything doctors did was either unsanitary, dangerous, or both. These techniques included rosewater or vinegar baths, burning

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