The Black Death Plague Essay

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This paper is an informative paper in which this event has not been revised and should not be. It is merely to let its reader know the tragic events in which the plague instigated and the outcome.
During the 14th century the Black Death was deadly and painful pandemic that killed over 20 million people, from 1348-1350 in Europe. Most saw it as a pestilence or plague but its known that the Black Death arrived in Europe from a part of Asia in 1347. Within a year the Black Death spread rapidly across the continent. It was assumed to be the end of humanity during the plague reign.
At the time that the plague had erupted there was not medical knowledge of it so there was no way to stop it, prevent it, or ease the pain of anyone who was
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With the fear a being a sinful person, men would walk the streets shirtless and whip their backs, disfiguring them, it was known as Flagellant, men saw the blood they spilt as relics to God. Another thing a person would do, if they were untouched by the plague was to give themselves to God by stopping all sin and speaking about the word of God.
When people didn’t see it as the work of God but of something much darker people turned to Jews and other ideas of what was causing the plague. Jews were blamed for it was believed they had poisoned the water of all other people who weren’t of the Jewish faith, and so the Jews were tortured until they confessed on actions they never committed and once a Jew admitted to what the non-Jewish faith wanted to hear, the Jew was then murdered by being burnt to death. The plague also brought on the burning of witches who cursed humans under the work of the devil. At first witchcraft had not scared people of faith until the death toll began to rise rapidly and people began to panic. Many of the claimed witches were common folk women who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time such as the village having a bad harvest or your neighbor dying from the disease over time after being visited by a woman, even if you had birth defects that marked you as a witch, and would be murdered eventually. In present day we now know it was the work of fleas that lived on rats and then switched their host to

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