The Black Death, The Fall Of Constantinople, And The Invention Of The Printing Press

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History is a series of important battles, wars, dynasties, and rulers that transform the world. Throughout history, there have been many turning points. These turning points have shaped the world, past, present and future. Without certain milestones in history, western civilization would be drastically different. In the end, the Black Death, the Fall of Constantinople, and the invention of the printing press were three of the major turning points in western civilization.
The Black Death was one of the major turning points that led to chaos and transformation in the Western world. “Black Death” was a disease that came from overseas in 1347. When it arrives, the disease attacked an already weakened population. This population had been dealing with famines for years, which left them weak and susceptible to disease. Sailors on trading ships came and docked at the port of Messina. Many civilians were there to greet them, however when the sailors came off the ship, the citizens received a horrifying and shocking surprise. This surprise was the fact that many of the sailors were either dead or gravely ill, having a fever or being unable to eat anything. The strangest symptom/sign was black boils on their bodies that were oozing pus and blood. This disease was devastating for many reasons, one of which was simply because it was contagious and the origin was unknown. It spread like wildfire and caused death within one to three days of contracting. The “Black Death” followed the
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