The Black Death and Its Effects

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Healing has been around a long time. You may think that medicine has changed a lot over the years, and it has for the better. But that does not mean that some of the practices have stayed around. prayer, accupuncture, diet, etc. have all stayed around, but have changed slightly. The plaque also known as the Black death swept over Europe and Asia in the 14 century to the 15th. This disease is spread by rats and killed many people. Over one third of the population died of Europe. This painful and terrible disease managed to tear families apart as well as communities. Black death was caused by rats and rat fleas. A rat flea lives off of blood from small mammals and sometimes but humans. If a rat flea were to bite an infected rat and a human afterwards, the human would become infected, and possibly die from the disease. Symptoms of the plague included but were not limited to fever, Bubos(large painful boils) and headaches. In the later stages the person would develop black and purple blotches all over their skin, and also cough up pus and blood. The disease traveled through blood, so once the sickness reached their lungs symptoms would only get worse, and most likely lead to death. How people would try to prevent the elements could be considered strange and useless in some peoples opinion, but during the black death people genuinely thought doing the following would help. Going outside, bathing, sex or other personal contact, and hot foods were all avoided. If you were to

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