The Black Death and The Song Ring Around the Rosie

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Some things are not as they seem. “Ring Around the Rosie” seems like a pleasant children’s nursery rhyme, but many believe it is actually a grisly song about the Black Death in Europe. The Black Death was a serial outbreak of the plague during the 1300s. During the Black Death, more than 20 million Europeans died. One-third of the population of the British Isles died from the plague. Moreover, one-third of the population of France died in the first year alone, and 50% of the people in France’s major cities died. Catastrophic death rates like these were common across all of Europe. However, just like the poem “Ring Around the Rosie”, the true effects of the Black Death differed from what many people believed. Though tragic, the Black …show more content…
Secondly, with the system of manorialism in decline and peasants reclaiming the right to travel, many serfs moved to urban areas to claim job vacancies created by the Black Death. This migration assisted medieval society in two main ways. First, it functioned as a catalyst for higher wages for agricultural workers because fewer peasants were left in the countryside. Secondly, this migration allowed manufacturing to continue, albeit at a reduced level, because peasants from the countryside filled enough of the vacancies created by the deaths of factory workers to keep many factories open. Had this migration not occurred, many more factories would have closed due to lack of workers. In conclusion, the socioeconomic changes caused by the Black Death had a positive impact on medieval Europe.
Similar to how the Black Death gave rise to the creation of new economic systems, the Black Death also prompted the development of new medical and scientific techniques by proving older methods false. In the years before the Black Death, doctors mainly relied on the teachings of the Greek physician Galen. Galen was the pre-medieval medical theorist who came up with the theory of humorism. According to this theory, each of the four humors (mystical liquids that are in the human body) corresponded to one of the four elements (fire, water, air, and

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