Essay about The Black Death in The Decameron by Boccaccio

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The Black Death was an epidemic disease that was also known as the Bubonic Plague. It was one of the most tragic epidemics that has happened in the world. The Black Death hit England between the years of 1348-1350. This plague annihilated one third of its original population. Trading ships that came to England during this time were blamed for the spread of this disease. People believed that when trading ships left other countries that they would bring in infested rats that carried the disease. When the rats would come in contact with a person or bit a person is believed to be the reason on why the deadly virus spread so quickly. Also many thought that the plague was airborne; when they thought this was the cause of the spreading of the Black Death they burnt incense and sprayed perfume in the air to prevent the plague from coming their way. By doing this it also improved the unpleasant smell of the piling dead bodies in the town. Church officials and members of the church said that the Black Death was brought on Earth because it was Gods way of punishing the people. Symptoms of the Black Death were seeing buboes; buboes were swellings the size of fists on the neck, groin or armpits. The buboes turned from red to black, therefore giving us the name Black Death. The Black Death had a tremendous impact on the visual arts, literature, and music that was created during this time because it had a shift in the focus of their subject matters.
Visual art following the Black Death…

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